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Established in 1984, Ocean Eyewear is a proudly South African brand. We have recently expanded into Australia, Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, Canada and the Ocean brand is now registered in the European Union. Ocean is firmly en route to international recognition

Ocean Eyewear offers a choice to every consumer regardless of age and taste. We carry exciting styles in vibrant colours in polarized, fashion, sport, junior, Rx and ready made readers. Ocean Eyewear products carry a manufacturer’s warranty, and boast a less than 1% return rate. Our consultants are fully trained, experienced sales people who adhere to a high code of ethical practice. We believe that our standard of service is of the highest in the industry. The Ocean Eyewear range can be viewed on our website at www.oceaneyewear.co.za or visit our facebook page for some really cool promotions and special offers.

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Ocean Eyewear is a market leader in sports and fashion sunglasses and can be found at our online store and in the following stores:

Why Ocean Eyewear?

We expect a lot from our eyes, they work much harder than many people realise. During a normal day, the eyes will use the same amount of energy as the legs would use in walking fifty kilometers. Add the burden of glare & they will endure a workout. Think of all the squinting to overcome the discomfort, the straining to see well. Wearing sunglasses will reduce or eliminate this strain. They cut the impact of harsh glare & eliminate the need to squint for comfort.

Not only do sunglasses make the eyes more comfortable, they offer protection against something very serious – ultraviolet radiation (UV).

Protection against glare & ultraviolet radiation is clearly important. However, many people are just as concerned about how they look with sunglasses as they are about protection. For many, sunglasses are a fashion statement. Protection against ultraviolet rays is important, but how the sunglasses look is sometimes the greatest concern. Still some people are looking for sunglasses for specific activity like driving, water sports, skiing or even for target practice.

While many people appreciate the importance of using sunscreens & choose skincare products based on protectiveness, not everyone is quite so careful about choosing sunglasses, which protect an equally important part of the body.

The best way to protect your eyes from sunlight is to wear Ocean Eyewear quality sunglasses.

All Ocean Eyewear products adhere to the strictest quality control standards and our impact resistant lenses comply with American, European and Australian safety standards. They provide superior performance and protection against the harmful UVA, UVB and IR rays of the sun.

Some important points to remember to better care for your eyes: